After playing the second stage at Download Festival in 2013 and dropping their debut album, Last One Standing in 2014, it’s fair to say that I Divide have gone from strength to strength since forming in 2011.

I met up with the guys fresh from their sound check at Islington’s 02 Academy 2 for a chat… in their tour van… in the middle of a Sainsbury’s car park.

Hi guys! Do you want to start by introducing yourselves?

Dave: I’m Dave and I play drums

Kristen: I’m Kristen and I play bass

Josh: I’m Josh and I play guitar

Tom: I’m Tom and I do vocals

Henry: I’m Henry and I play guitar

Thanks! So how’s the tour going?

J: Yeah, really good! It’s been quite a long one compared to some of the ones we’ve done recently, normally the tours have been a week-long tour, but this one has been 3 weeks so far. It gives us the opportunity to play a few more cities that we may not have done on previous tours. It’s good because we get to see different parts of the country, and did a bit of exploring didn’t we guys?

DKTH: Yes we did!

What does your band name mean?

D: It means absolutely nothing! We needed a new band name, and honestly we wanted something that we can’t be pigeonholed with, something that’s quite easy to remember and no one else has that name. We played around with loads of ideas, listed out like a million different band names and we just kind of narrowed it down to I Divide and here we are today with it.

K: It was either that or The North Tree.

D: I was pushing for The North Tree!

How would you, personally, describe your sound?

J: I guess our sound has changed quite a lot over the years. We always try to keep that high energy, modern rock sound. We’re kind of a hard rock band writing pop songs, rock pop stuff, lots of big chorus’ but at the same time quite heavy guitars and drums.

Who would you say your musical influences are when writing your music?

T: Linkin Park mostly on this record wasn’t it?

J: Yeah loads of bands. We grew up listening to bands like Linkin Park, Papa Roach, all of those Nu Metal kind of bands. I listen to a lot of pop music and we listen to a lot of metal bands as well. A wide range of influences really, depending on what part of the song we’re writing whether it’s the lyrics and the melody or the guitar riffs.

What do you think has been your defining moment of your career as a band so far?

All: Download!

D: When we played the second stage at Download, it was pretty unreal. It was one of those bucket list ones as a kid and then you’re kind of stood there like, “Oh, I’m actually that guy now, look at me go!” then it was over and that was that. We’ve now played outside of the UK, which was pretty cool to do that. It wasn’t as much of a big deal because it was just a standard gig in Belgium. All in all, Download Festival.

What music are you guys listening to at the moment?

D: We’re absolutely loving the Lower Than Atlantis album, we must play it in the van about twice a day.

K: They’re really good for just song writing aren’t they?

D: Absolutely immense. Who else are we listening to?

K: I don’t know, Henry what do you play? You drive a lot.

D: Ha, Cannibal Corpse mainly!

H: I’m a big fan of the most recent Architects album. That’s just absolutely phenomenal, could be my favourite album that’s come out this year. A lot of British music really.

Who would you say your all time favourite bands are?

J: I don’t really know! I don’t really think I’ve got a favourite band, there are just so many. I’m listening to a different artist everyday.

D: One band I always come back to is Foo Fighters. I never ever ever grow out of them or go into phases with it I just fucking love that band.

J: That’s a good question!

K: I quite like Incubus as well, they’re just a really cool band.


Gigging or festivals?


Reading and Leeds or Download?


Mac or PC?


Full english or roast dinner?

Full English.

Oasis or Blur?

DJTH: Blur.

K: Oasis.

J: You idiot.

D: Get out of the van!

Give me your best chat up line.

D: Grab your coat you’ve pulled.

K: Do you have the number for the RSPCA? Because these swans are sick!

H: Are your pants on? Because if you’re coming to my place they’re 100% off.

D: How do you like your eggs, boiled or fertilised?

Have you ever used any of those?

D: Yeah all the time and they work fantastically! No.

So what’s next for you guys after this tour?

T: We’ve got a Halloween gig coming up.

J: Yeah we’re playing with Skindred in Exeter, our hometown. That’s going to be really wicked.

T: And then at Christmas we have an end of year special.

J: We’re doing a big Christmas show in December.

T: I’m really looking forward to that.

J: That’ll be really good, I expect. Then just trying to tour as much as possible in the following year. We’ve just shot a music video for our next single, 27 Down, so we’ll be looking to release that over the next few months. That’s what everyone should be keeping an eye out for.

D: That’s the one!

Is there anything else you want to say to our readers and your fans?

J: Don’t talk to strangers.

D: Brush your teeth twice a day.

K: Wash behind your ears.

D: There is now a fund we’ve set up where you can donate so we can all have a boat each.

T: What’s it called Dave?

D: GiveIDivideABoatFoundation.org.

Thanks for your time guys! Best of luck with the new single and video and for the rest the tour!


Interview by Hannah Alice Cade

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