Florida bred band Trivium, release their sixth studio album since being signed in 2004. Post 2006’s The Crusade the quartet have mixed up their sound and become a mature metal band, finally getting that progressive twinge they’ve always wanted. Following in the footsteps of  thrash kings, Slayer, Trivium have that Slayer modus operandi with the drum patterns. As well as gaining and losing band members over the years Trivium have changed that ordinary thrash metal into melodic thrash metal. Silence In The Snow kicks off with the progressive metal sound of Snøwfall. The band have kept those dulcetVolbeat style vocals but contrasted them with their signature thunderous drum beats and spidery guitars. One of the more heavier tracks on the album, Dead and Gone is drowned in sickening guitar riffs, blending that 21st century metal oomph with the anthemic drive of Iron Maiden. Bellowing lyrics “Will you keep fighting when I’m dead and gone”, the song shows the more hardcore side of the band. Silence In The Snow is definitely their strongest material to date. Keeping this melodic thrash metal sound will definitely keep the quartet on the right road to even more success in the black metal world.

Words by Evie Caygill

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