Ex Disney pop princess Demi Lovato has just dropped her new album, ‘Confident’. The album spills over with meaningful lyrics and chart toppers.

‘Confident’ is Demi’s fifth studio album since 2008. The 23 year old has definitely grown up as she leaves her former child acting days behind, overshadowing them with her ‘Confident’, darker but uplifting persona.

The lead single Cool For The Summer sold 80,000 copies in the first week of release. Thobbing with sexual innuendo, the song tells the story of a summer fling with a girl. “It’s OK, I’m a little curious too,” sings Demi over layers of dancey, pop synths. The saucy, seductive lyrics resemble an extreme version of Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ with a dash of acid.

The intro to the title track is crazily similar to Kanye West’sBlack skinhead (BLKKK SKKKN HEAD)’. Keeping the beat mid-tempo, Demi creates a serious vibe, constantly repeating the lyrics, ‘What’s wrong with being confident?’ in a range of styles. It’s like she sings forever. Iggy Azalea is featured on ’Kingdom Come’, a cleanly produced and well polished track with dazzling synths and hypnotic breakdowns. The song is so bright and vivid, Iggy’s lazy rap seems rather irrelevant.

Rebellious, provocative ex child stars keep on escaping The Cult of Disney, throwing their purity rings in the air as they crawl to the mainstream media, following in the footsteps of Miley Cyrus. As they take over the radio and celebrity gossip columns it has become a running theme to have a giggle at their antics.  From Miley’s glorious twerking at the VMA’s and posting photos of a blunt in her mouth every other day to Demi Lovato battling drugs and going to rehab, and worst of all poor Selena Gomez devastatingly sparking up a relationship with Justin Bieber.  However they have all seemed to come out of the other side keeping some credibility.

You have to shed a bit of sympathy for Demi and the others for growing up in the public eye like on some kind of The Truman Show. But again they have been given a shit ton of money and a more or less a stable career plan. The interesting part of this is watching them evolve and establish their own sound. Demi has really come along way since, ‘Camp Rock’ proving this with ‘Waitin For Ya’ featuring Sirah. “Nuckles out and a guard in my mouth, when you’re hungry for the next round,” sings Demi dramatically over a slow tempo beat. Shira’s rap flows effortlessly with anger in her voice, “Fake bitches gunna get it” she starts carrying on the theme of not backing down or being the victim anymore.

Confident’ inquires chart toppers, dance anthems and beautiful ballads like, ‘Lionheart’. The uplifting song with loud drums brings out an emotional, rawness to her. The vulnerability in her vocals creates a very overwhelming effect, reminding us how powerful this girls voice is. The album flits through genre’s showcasing her abilities. ‘Mr Hughes’ has a very bluesy, jazzy sound to it, including aspects of Amy Whinehouse style vocals.

Confident closes with ‘Father’ a sentimental ballad alleedly about her biological father passing away in 2013. Lovato sings about guilt and regret, hoping he is finally peaceful. The jaw dropping finale of ‘Confident’ makes it something more than just an album, but almost therapy for Demi along with an understanding of what she has overcome.

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