Either Ben Stiller has shrunk and spontaneously decided to front an indie-pop three piece or The Hoosiers are still alive and touring. That’s right, they have more than two songs.

There’s no denying the uncanny resemblance between frontman Irwin Sparkes and infamous Zoolander ‘model’, as every single person in The Borderline, Soho noticed and announced to the person next to them as he bounded on stage to the Back To The Future theme tune (it IS Oct 21 2015). It would seem they even share a taste in fashion, if Sparkes‘ peck-flashing silky shirt is anything to go by. But is a questionable clothing item the star of the show this evening? No, because the news on everyone’s lips is that The Hoosiers are still a thing outside of 2007.

With the release of their latest album The Secret Service earlier this month, the pop outfit – minus former bassist Martin Skarendahl – have launched into a sixteen date UK tour, presumably to play Goodbye Mr A repeatedly for an hour, with an encore of Worried About Ray if the crowd are lucky.

All joking aside, The Hoosiers still put on an engaging show, taking a break from the stage mid way through to walk through the audience playing an acoustic version of Bumpy Ride. They’re fun, they’re energetic, they’re surprisingly short and they can write a hell of a catchy pop song – just look to Choices and Worst Case Scenario for some of their best.

Words by Anna Smith

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