On a slightly frosty November night in Hoxton and as part of the Community LDN Festival ZIBRA are sandwiched on a line-up between Anteros and RAT BOY. The Festival Republic organised event is a showcase of some of the best new bands around at the moment and, armed with a pineapple shaped shaker and a collection of incredibly executed industrial indie bangers, the London-based trio prove exactly why they are one of those bands.

Opener Great White Shark is consumed with heavy basslines as frontman Sam Battle sings: “Lies, lies, lies where do I start? It seems like you’ve got a hungry heart” while Heartache, taken from the band’s first EP (EP1000), is sonically darker and distorted, which is juxtaposed somewhat with the inclusion of arcade game style samples in the track.

Latest single Wasted Days is close to indie pop perfection. With surging synths and lyrics that almost every young person can relate to: “Wasted days are fucking useless, drink some more and we’ll all fall down”, it’s no wonder the track has recently been getting a lot of national airplay.

Sunscreen is another highlight with Battle questioning: “Is there a space for you and me beyond the Coke cans in the sea?” on a bed of effervescent and bouncy electronic sounds.

The penultimate track in ZIBRA’s set is Paris. The lead single from EP3000 is frenzied in the live environment with pulsating percussion and funky guitars – a factor which makes it near impossible to stand still throughout the song.

Set closer, and fellow EP1000 release, Chlorine drips with sensational synths and wavy guitar riffs. Its elongated instrumental introduction is a hit with the youthful East London crowd who are no doubt just as certain that ZIBRA are about to explode into the mainstream.

Watch the video for Wasted Days below:

Words and photo by Shannon Cotton

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