Shoreditch, Be on your guard! The Fun Bus’ arrival is imminent

Today’s brisk Stockport morning saw several lucky devils assemble outside the Blossoms pub on Buxton Road, equipped with packed lunches, eager grins and lukewarm tinnies for the road trip ahead.

The lucky few managed to gain exclusive tickets and travel to Blossoms’ sold out Shoreditch gig at Village Underground; all for the price of a cheap Wetherspoons guest ale round, that’s right, a tenner!

After posting via Twitter, Facebook and all the usual online media pipelines about their exclusive ticket & travel deal on October 10, swarms of fans frantically took to their keyboards mailing blossomsbignightout@gmail.com in hope for a reply.

Those that were successful landed themselves a seat on the fun bus and headed down to London town; I caught up with them en route to check on the onboard shenanigans…

Speaking to bus captain and reasonably intoxicated chaperone Danny Add, he recounted me with tales of homemade sandwiches being passed around and people drinking cheap voddy out of crisp packets, like that of a disenfranchised WI coach trip to Norwich.

I asked Danny to describe the bus’ general atmosphere and his response came in the form of a questionable grunt, followed up by a hearty belch and conclusive, “Yeah mate, err, it’s bloody good ‘ere, we’re having a lovely time” 

As the bus loomed closer towards the infamous gridlock that is the M25 I faintly hear one reveller yell, “We’re fucking here lads, look, there’s an actual sign for Wembley.”

When pressed for more detail, all that was disclosed was “It’s too mental to comment on what’s happening here really, it’s a ball!”

The bus will make it’s return journey this evening after the gig and the passengers will positively be worse for wear.

Blossoms are still to play Norwich, Portsmouth, Bristol, and Manchester, before returning to London on December 18.

Words by Gino Franks

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