With appearances at Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds under their belt, support slots with Nothing But Thieves and Manic Street Preachers and numerous UK tours, Pretty Vicious are one of the buzziest rock bands in the UK right now. Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales, the four-piece have really made a name for themselves with their urgent and energetic sound on singles like It’s Always There and National Plastics. The band are currently gearing up to release their new single Are You Ready For Me? And The Wave’s Deputy Editor Shannon Cotton caught up them at the beginning of summer to find out more:

How has your UK tour been going?

All: Really good!

Which has been your favourite date to play so far?

Brad: King Tut’s I’d say.

Tom: King Tut’s was good and Live at Leeds.

Elliot: Live at Leeds was my favourite.

Tom: KOKO was good in London.

Brad: And Birmingham.

Elliot: Yeah Birmingham was great.

From an outsider’s point of view it seems your success has happened quite quickly, do you feel the same or has it been a much longer process for you?

Tom: We’ve been doing it for about a year now.

Brad: I think for us, behind the scenes, we’ve worked really hard. We’ve been together a while now and when we hit the scene that’s when people thought we had formed but we’ve been together quite a while, not so much in timescale but we’re always working, working, working everyday, pushing ourselves and writing songs and then it all kicked off.

How was it recording at Rockfield Studios?

Tom: That was a brilliant experience.

Elliot: Yeah.

Brad: It was brilliant.

Tom: Can’t wait to get back up there now in September.

Brad: It feels musical being there.

Jarvis: And the UFOs.

Brad: Yeah we saw aliens as well somehow.

Tom: By we, it was him and him [points to Jarvis and Brad]

Jarvis: It was definitely aliens, there were two up in the sky, they kept disappearing and there was like big things shooting off the sides.

Brad: There were two lights in the sky going mental and stuff.

Jarvis: Pretty Vicious spots aliens

Brad: We were a bit drunk.

What is the song writing process like for you?

Brad: I sort of write the basics of the song and then when we all come together we add our own sort of slants which is great.

Elliot: Yeah it’s like for the first lot of songs it’s been Brad coming up with the base of the song, bringing it to us and then we flesh out the song, that sort of thing, so we all have input.

Brad: It’s more of a layering process really.

Do you share the same influences, or are they quite different?

Brad: We all have sort of similar influences but we all have the same taste in a way, so we all like a guitar sounding a certain way and like our drums sounding a certain way.

Elliot: We all just like good music, expect for him [points to Jarvis], he just likes Morrissey.

Jarvis: I like Celine Dion and stuff like that.

Tom: Big Mariah fan, love Mariah [laughs]

Elliot: Sugababes [laughs]

Jarvis: Cheeky Girls [laughs]

You’re playing a lot of festivals over the summer, which ones are you looking forward to the most?

Elliot: Jersey Live is the one I’m looking forward to the most because we’re on the main stage.

And you’re going to Japan too…

Brad: Yeah I’m looking forward to that, apparently it’s meant to be a culture shock when you go there.

Jarvis: I want to go to one of those places where you can pay for cuddles and that. Have you seen them? You can go there and there are people dressed as anime and they literally just hug.

Brad: How do you know about that?

Elliot: Alright Jarvis, shh! Keep your fetishes to yourself.

Jarvis: I’ve seen it on TV, no it’s just a hug.

Elliot: What? Aliens and getting hugged by anime characters, banger of an interview!

Jarvis: Let me clear that up, it’s just a hug. They’re dressed up as big teddy bears and they just hug. I’ve seen…

Elliot: Right next question!

If you could curate your own festival, who would be on your dream line-up, dead or alive?

Elliot: Jarv, don’t say Morrissey.

Jarvis: Morrissey.

Brad: Queen.

Tom: I have no idea.

Brad: Nirvana.

Elliot: I’d have the Space Monkeys.

Are there any new bands from Merthyr Tydfil that you’re listening to a lot recently?

All: Dole Age, it’s got to be Dole Age.

And lastly, what is on your rider?

Elliot: How long have you got?

Brad: It’s two pages long.

Elliot: It’s so long no venue has given us all of it yet.

Tom: They just give you bits and pieces.

Jarvis: But literally they give you drink but no food, we haven’t eaten for days.

Elliot: It’s like 98 cans of Carling, there’s 2 bottles of vodka.

Brad: Pouches of tobacco.

Tom: We got shit loads of Jack.

Elliot: There’s a bowl of fruit.

Brad: Golden Virginia 12.5

Tom: And a cheeky bit of Jäger.

Listen to Are You Ready For Me? below:

Interview by Shannon Cotton

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