Boycrush makes the sort of dreamy pop that you wish had sound tracked those school year summer breaks you’d seen in movies and you’d wanted as your own.

Alistair Deverick’s project as Boycrush hones in on his already distinctive, lush sound for his gloriously titled sophomore EP, Girls On Top, with the Auckland producer showcasing 5 prime examples of gleaming synth-pop gems.

The first of these enlists the guest singer-songwriting skills of Madeira (Kim Pflaum to her pals.) The ex-vocalist of Yumi Zouma offers her talents on the aptly titled Flirt, with glossy melodies perfectly accompanying Pflaum’s mellow and highly distinctive tones. The Chelsea Jade-featuring  also focuses on the whisper-like vocals with a sun-kissed synth backing, whilst the robotic and charming I Don’t Want You concludes the 20-odd minutes of pop bliss.

There’s a timeless feel to each of the 5 songs here. The EP manages to sound fresh and individual, whilst at the same time it could easily pass as the soundtrack to any John Hughes-esque flick. Maybe it’s the typical teen slang, “crush” and “flirt,” that only encourages the idea of young love and school romance.

Aside from being a clear contender for the “favourite EP title possibly ever..” prize, Girls On Top is as delightful as a chill breeze in the middle of a heatwave. The definite go-to choice for all those summer nights of making out on a dusty car-bonnet, just like in the films.

Girls On Top is out now.

Words by Bill Baker

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