East Dulwich based singer-songwrter and musician King Krule has announced his return to the music scene with the news of a new album as well as a short film and a poetry book to go along with it.

It has been two years since the release of his debut LP, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon, a critically acclaimed album about his time growing up as a child in South London. Since this release he had vanished almost seamlessly from the face of the earth (not counting the mixtape he released last year with South London collective, Sub Luna City) with his name rarely popping up, until now that is.

The new offering, titled A New Place 2 Drown, is a brand new direction for King Krule from the news that has been released. For starters, this album – a soundtrack – will not be released under his stage name – instead it will be under his real name Archy Marshall. The book, which is also titled A New Place 2 Drown, is a project he worked on with his brother, Jack. It contains 208 pages of photos, original artwork and poems based around the duo’s creative process.

Filmmaker Will Robson-Scott will direct the short film – a documentary about the brothers to go with the book – along with the album, which will serve as a soundtrack to the documentary.

This ambitious project is expected for released on December 10th. A trailer has been released which contains a preview of some of the music. If that’s not enough, then you can also stream 3 of the tracks from the album on the project website (hold down the music tab and don’t let go to hear these tracks)

Words by Connor Spilsbury-Brown

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