Following the release of first single Work yesterday, Rihanna’s long awaited new album Anti was apparently uploaded by mistake on streaming platform Tidal last night. Mistake or not, though, it was up again this morning, complete with a free download link and a Tame Impala cover, if the tracklist is to be trusted.

Pop’s self-confessed bad girl’s decision to completely omit from the album the three tracks to have come out already (FourFiveSeconds, American Oxygen and Bitch Better Have My Money, in case you’d already forgotten about them) came as a shock to not only fans but most people, really. It didn’t seem too popular on social media or in the few reviews to have already been written either, but adding 12 new tracks to be excited about to first single Work might have been the smartest move to make.

You can find out for yourself whether or not it was worth the three years wait by downloading it – again, for free – on Tidal’s website here. (add link to ‘here’ http://rihanna.tidal.com/redeem/?voucher=ANTI)

Words by Jillian Blandenier

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