Kicking off the night were post-hardcore Americans Drug Church. With their last UK tour going down a storm, this band were highly anticipated. Starting off their set with lively track Banco Popular and smoothly transitioning into the loud Aleister, Drug Church flaunted both energy and charisma. Frontman Patrick Kindlon humbly thanked everyone for arriving early to check out their band. Kindlon continued jumping across the stage with hyperactivity and grace during Mohawk and crowd favourite But Does It Work?. Ending their set on a high with Birthday Party, Drug Church left an impression on the UK and have us gasping for more.

The main support acts of the night were New York hardcore band Turnstile. With the band recently annihilating a sold out headline show in Kingston, this band are on a fast track to success. Starting with the vicious Drop, the pit opened up and limbs were flying left, right and center. Guitarist Sean Coo climbed every piece of equipment on the stage, captivating the crowd before doing a backflip off a speaker. Popular songs like Fazed Out and Gravity got everyone sweaty and full of energy, showing that this band have been welcomed into the UK hardcore scene with open arms.

Headliners of the night The Story So Far walked onto the stage without any extravagant music or lighting. They began the set by playing the explosive Empty Space as well as Nerve and Things I Can’t Change. Because this is the main promotional tour for the band’s killer recent self titled album, you’d expect a setlist of mostly new material with a couple of classics. Thankfully, this was not the case. Playing a set with a 50/50 split, the heartbreak of not hearing your favourite song from four years ago was near enough avoided. TSSF treated fans to old songs from albums Under Soil And Dirt and What You Don’t See, providing entertainment for both the old and new fans. Surprising their more die-hard audience, the band played acoustic anthem Clairvoyant – with this song being ignored on their last two tours in the UK, it was a wonderful moment seeing it resurface. Creating what was close to being the perfect setlist, some fans were left disappointed after The Story So Far left out Mt. Diablo, the song that made their success. This was one of the most important pop-punk/hardcore tours of 2015.

Words by Izzy Minogue-Corps

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