It’s been a really, really long time since we’ve heard anything from Jake Bugg. At just 17 years old he released his self-titled debut album and very quickly followed up with sophomore record Shangri La. Now after what seems like a decade long break (which was only actually a couple of years), the 21 year old has released the first hint of music from his eagerly anticipated third LP.

Whilst rumours of a collaboration between Bugg and Beastie Boys’ Mike D still circulate, On My One is not quite the result you’d expect, if the rumours are true. The song is a return to the bluesy, grass roots sound which gained Bugg critical acclaim on his debut.

It opens with a solitary guitar line, a whispy drum and Bugg declaring: “I’m just a poor boy from Nottingham.” He continues: “Three years on the road, 400 hundred shows, where do I call home? No place to go” and it becomes clear that honest recounts of the singer’s life are still a main theme and inspiration for his music.

You can take the boy out of Nottingham, but you can’t take the Nottingham out of the boy.

Listen to On My One below:

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