The Key Club is an alternative rock venue on Merrion Street in Leeds city centre. Recently I ventured down to see what the fuss was about, and I wasn’t disappointed.
I hopped out of the taxi in the centre of vibrant Leeds into the bitter cold night; Key Club was my destination that Saturday night. A new addition to the alliterative club scene of Leeds, seen to be the famous Cockpits’ replacement after it sadly shut down last year.
I marched up to the entrance shivering, anticipating my next drink. A crowd of extremely emo looking young adults stood outside smoking, starred intensely as I entered, maybe because I wasn’t dressed for an 2003 My Chemical Romance concert. I’m not sure. Anyway I paid the door man fiver (£3.00 entry on weekdays) and ventured down the dark stairway.
The club was ecstatic, people jumping around to the rock/heavy metal music, eyes lighting up as an nostalgic song came on from their childhood. After grabbing a VERY cheap drink I started join in the mayhem. It is really funny what alcohol and Annie by Alien Ant Farm does to you.
As the night went on the DJ proceeded to play banger after banger, everyone seemed to love it. The smoke machine was on full blast keeping an dark, unknowing look to the dance floor creating an atmosphere that you would typically expect in a rock club. White lights flashed through the mist making everything bit confusing yet enjoyable.
I made my way to other other room, as I stepped in I was taken back by the lack of people dancing, then I realised why, Taylor Swift was coming out of the speakers, “Baby I got bad Blood”. After diving straight in attempting to pull of some my best moves in my drunken state I soon realised it was the Guilty Pleasure Room. What a refreshing change from Slipknot and System Of A Down.
Key Club really does give you the best of both worlds, the rooms might be polar opposites but somehow balances the genres out to make everybody happy. And to top it off you can get double Vodka Lemonade for £3.00.
The club has become an well known venue in Leeds, hosting mainly rock and metal bands from all around the world, making it extremely popular within the Leeds music scene. Key Club has well and truly filled a hole in the hearts of those missing venues such as The Cockpit and The Well.
Words by Lydia Smedley

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