On October 2nd, British punk rock band Creeper have have announced new album, Eternity, In Your Arms, along with new single, Suzanne.

After the band played Reading and Leeds festival, they ‘disappeared’ from all social media and began posting cryptic messages on twitter.

A missing poster for a man names James Scythe was the first of these mysterious tweets along with the link to a website The website gives information on a man named James Scythe, who mysteriously disappeared after investigating a hotel room in the bands hometown of Southampton.

The following tweets included a phone number which led to a short voicemail of music, followed by a text message with the link to another website containing video footage found on a tape in James Scythe’s hotel room.

After a string of tweets simply containing photos relating back to the mystery, the band then tweeted “soon, the search begins” and an address with the message “If you’re ready it’s time to begin. There is a phone call waiting for you”. A daily countdown then ensued on Creepers twitter page in the Donnie Darko style of “22 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes, 55 seconds. We’ll die holding hands”.

Eternity, In Your Arms is set to be released on March 24 2017, through Roadrunner Records. The album is also up for pre-order now.

You can catch Creeper supporting Pierce The Veil on their UK headline tour, with American post-hardcore band Letlive supporting, in November and December. Tickets are now on sale.
Words by Kelsey Ader

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