Channelling the space age electronica of Giorgio Morodor or Daft Punk, the lead single from their second full length album, RR7349, finds Austin based quartet S U R V I V E embracing full retromania. S U R V I V E are intent on turning back the clock to that icy 1980s style.

Single, A.H.B., incorporates succinct layered synths and new wave ambient sounds to create a nostalgia induced four minutes. Think Blade Runner meets Giorgio Morodor. The opening two minutes of this track are a shimmering conglomeration of industrial synths, that resemble some of the more melody driven synth tracks of the 80s.

As the track progresses, the full scope of this song is unleashed. The layered synths are replaced by a cacophony of exaggerated beats creating a feeling of grandeur. It feels as expansive as the space settings they were inspired by.
Words by Jordan Emery

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