An homage to two of *the* great bands, Al Lover’s new 10′ is a post-modern psychbeat pastiche of NEU! and Suicide that goes by the name of – yep, you guessed it – Neuicide!

Split into two separate seven minute odysseys that have the same disregard for the pop song structure as his forbearers’, the first piece entitled NEUicide! ticks along with the same 4/4 motorik as the band capitalised in the title. Steadily, the track builds with the whirr of analogue synths and crackles of white noise, easing you into a state of psychotropic bliss.

NeuICIDE! focuses on the Suicide influence, trading in the motoriks of the first track for carefully planned atonality  and careful discord. Here, the influences that are self-awarely put across to you combine perfectly to put you at a state of unease. Think Frankie Teardrop smartens up for a job interview, Cheree’s had a bit too much red wine, this piece of music is halfway between the pleasantries of Suicide’s pop songs and the extremities of their nightmare experiments to perfectly pay to tribute to the New York protopunks.

The most original collection of music? No, but the fact that Al Lover wears his influences so on his sleeve allows you to appreciate his music for what it is; a perfect pastiche.



Written by Cal Cashin

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