James Blake’s haunting and entrancing third album The Colour in Anything feels like a musical canvas of the singer songwriter’s concepts. He paints the soundscapes with Post Dubstep basslines – reminiscent of the likes of Burial and Zomby – and glistens them with heartfelt lyrics worked into soulful vocal melodies. The album is 17 tracks long but even in its weaker tracks it still grabs attention. The haunting opening track Radio Silence opens with Blake displaying his heavenly falsetto, dwelling on a repetitive song writing, reiterating the line “ I can’t believe that you don’t wanna see me.” The song also incorporates some lovely rising synths after the chorus that give the same feel of his hit song Retrograde – off his last album Overgrown.

The album mixes softly sang piano ballads and progressive trap numbers that flow surprisingly well, Blake really tugs on the listener’s heartstrings on songs like the title track and f.o.r.e.v.e.r. He sings with a sense of Hopelessness which builds up throughout the albums tracks. Some tracks on this album could have been cut, the track Put That Away and Talk with me feels like a lesser thought out version of Radiohead’s Pulk/Pull revolving doors , both the songs Like Always and Two Men down feel a little too long, not really bringing anything to the record

The Highlights of this album are some of the best tracks Blake has produced. Timeless and Choose Me are both stand outs, but the Bon Iver collaboration I Need a Forest fire is the best his harmonies With Justin Vernon are strikingly perfect and create a perfect sense of bliss.

Words by Aimee Francesca New

Published by edentizard

Blogger/Music Journalist

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