Following rumours of four-piece pop rock band Lawson breaking up, they played a “one night only” show at the O2 Academy Islington. This included a performance of every song from their new album Perspective as well as all of their older hits, racking up a set of just under two hours.

The venue was packed full of hardcore fans of all ages with enough energy to keep the party going all night. The audience for this show were clearly trying to encourage the band to continue making music. One particular group of girls handed out signs with “we’ll love you when you’re old” on to every single person before the show started, encouraging them to hold it up during the tear jerker When I’m Old. The time came around halfway through the set and the crowd became filled with a sea of signs which didn’t go unnoticed by the band. Once the song had come to an end, they were unable to thank the crowd enough and told them off for making the show “fucking emotional.”

The entire night was very fan orientated, adding to the suspicions of a pending break up. In previous performances they haven’t played the rap in their hit Brokenhearted (much to their fans disappointment) which they collaborated with B.O.B on in 2015. However, tonight was different and they finally gave everyone what they wanted and lead singer Andy swallowed his pride and did the rap himself, claiming it was going to be embarrassing doing it with his scouse accent. However, he did a decent job with the help of the loud crowd who knew the entire thing.

As well as this, the gig became very interactive. For their cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers they gave a fan the opportunity to come on stage and sing it with them. Of course, when they asked who in the audience sang, a sea of screams followed. Yet they did manage to limit it down to two girls who had a sing off with Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself before one was chosen. The winner got to sing the duet on stage with Andy and it was undoubtedly a special moment for everyone.

Another highlight of the night, following a couple of acoustic songs by Andy alone, was when they asked everyone in the crowd to use their phones to film their song Only Water and send it to an email address for a video that they are creating. They want to use a variety of them so that they can see everyone’s “perspective” as a play on the words of the album title. Near enough the whole crowd took part and it’ll be exciting to see how the final product turns out.

Alas, the night ended with one exhausted band and one hyped crowd. They saved one of their early singles Standing in the dark until last which needless to say went down well, with everyone singing the words louder than the band. They took their final bows before two members leaped into the crowd for one huge group hug which ended in a swarm of girls pushing and shoving to be a part of it.

Although fans are still none the wiser as to whether this was their final show or not, it certainly seemed like one that is not to be forgotten any time soon.


Words by Louise Tindall

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