There’s never been a better pairing then the scariest time of the year and the genre-splicing British screamo-rock band Bring Me The Horizon. With their new album ‘That’s The Sprit’, which saw them dabble more into a mainstream sound, it was unclear on what to expect from the band with a venue with this large of capacity.

This special Halloween date saw Bring Me pull out all the stops, by bringing in classic material from their earlier work, such as ‘Crucify Me’ which the band haven’t performed in 5 years. The roars from the fans were a clear indication of happiness and shock to the sudden surprise of an old classic which launched the band to where they are today.

A stand out element of this show were the visuals they had curated to go along with each song. Take the song ‘Avalanche’, which saw the screens behind the stage form into an avalanche crashing around with hard cuts to Oli and co giving it their all. It was an experience that made it feel like a feature length film.

Oli’s vocal performance has changed greatly over the years. He’s toned down his signature screams and opted for a power vocal approach. The opener of the show ‘Happy Song’ was an example of this change, with the “a little fucking louder” line towards the end of the song had lost its hellish screams, changing the tone from an angry cry for help to an informative cry for help.

The crowds’ participation throughout this gig played a crucial part, with songs like ‘Shadow Moses’ and ‘Oh No’ where the crowd went from full blown chanting to circle pits forming like angsty whirlpools in a teenage ocean.

It may be the o2, but it can only get bigger from here.


Words by Connor Spilsbury-Brown | 📸 – Lydia Smedley

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