Shame’s debut single The Lick/Gold Hole storms through a catharsis of proto-punk to deliver you something that is both old skool and radically integral to your future. The Brixton five piece have played with Fidlar and The Fat Whites in recent times, and even played Pitchfork Paris a few months ago. So despite the fact that they’ve got an average age of 19, the South London punks are already going places.

Their debut single is a big stepping stone for the band. If you had any doubts that they were the next big thing, here’s nine minutes and two songs that’ll prove you wrong. Vitriolically, frontman Charlie Steen barks “salutations are in order/the welcome forth a sweet disorder”, as The Lick critiques hilariously the ‘4 chord future’ presented to us via the NME, etc. An antidote to the landfill indie, the prozac rock, Shame are a filthy, angry band full of hate and passion, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gold Hole is even more angry, more dirty, its clangy guitar solos and eruptions of the enigmatic frontman’s vocals recalling Iggy and the Stooges in their pomp. As far as guitar music goes in the 21st century, not many bands achieve this level of danger, and can put you on edge this much.

(Written by Cal Cashin)

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