Anticipation and the stench of beer hangs in the air outside Brighton’s Concorde 2 on this Monday night, large crowds of people milling in and out of the venue.

Frank Carter is the name on everyone’s lips, as he and his band The Rattlesnakes have been gaining steady momentum since they formed two years ago, recently playing the mainstage at Reading Festival and touring around Europe and the UK.

The crowd begins thickening moments away from the start of the set, all readying themselves for the evident madness which is about to ensue, and there they are walking onstage, all dressed in black – bar Frank who is sporting his trademark cream floral suit.

Opening with Trouble they instantly have the crowd in the palm of their hands, and the swaying, sweating mass of bodies sing the lyrics furiously back at the band while simultaneously fighting to keep their place in the crowd.

A lot can be said about the former Gallows frontman, as a performer he clearly knows how to work the stage and in between busting out fan favourites such as Juggernaut and Fangs he talks enigmatically to the audience and takes them on a journey of sorts throughout the set. From dedicating a new song Mother Lover, to letting only the girls stage dive, to initiating a circle pit, to having the whole audience sit obediently down to listen to the heart wrenching lyrics of Beautiful Death, the exhausted and battered crowd hang on his every word and obey his every order.

Ending the set with the song every one of their fan’s knows the words to; I Hate You, Carter gives some humbling words; “Every one of you has a person that this song is about, but remember, you are definitely that person for somebody else.” he laughs as the riff begins to play.

With the set done, the slightly worse for wear crowd pour into the night, all undoubtedly counting the days until The Rattlesnakes return to Brighton, for there is no doubt that they will only be creating bigger mosh pits from here.

You can catch Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes on these dates.

Words By Oshen Dee

Published by edentizard

Blogger/Music Journalist

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