H9 Suffers Massive Backlash After Problems With Security Team On Saturday 19 November, drum and bass rave organisers Jungle Zen organised an event, hosted at Box H9 in North London.

The event organisers have had success in the past, with a sense of community for many of the ravers. Unfortunately the event was overshadowed by aggressive and unorganised security, with reports of security tackling people to the ground, selectively choosing who to let in under the guise of ‘drug control’ and even extortion, by forcing people to pay entry fees despite them already purchasing tickets. Other complaints included the late start, as the security kept ravers waiting in the rain for an hour, which forced some DJs to cancel their set.


Someone who experienced the force of the security spoke of his experience, “I got chucked out in the rain in just my tee shirt, the security wouldn’t allow me back inside to get my jacket. I even asked them to either get it themselves or escort me in and out and then I was fucking dump tackled by the lot of them”.

The next day, there were numerous complaints which flooded Box H9’s Facebook page, as well as Jungle Zen’s event page. Jungle Zen, concerned for their attendees, decided to contact Box H9 in regards to this as the security was arranged by the venue. It was then announced over Twitter that the venue had responded to their complaints by firing their security staff.

The people have power to fight back and this is a prime example  a security guard’s job is to make sure people feel safe and secure, rather than causing trouble that doesn’t need to happen.

Words By Jordan Fann 

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