Despite being only 19 and facing the daily adversities of the opportunity black hole that is Somerset, Harry Thomas is set to release The Journeyman – his first cracker of an EP on November 24. Solid musicianship and a devotion to the genre are the forefront of Thomas’ charm, with heavily recognisable influence from similar artists such as Frank Turner, and even an early days Foo Fighters-esque riff rearing its head on opening track Pulled Apart.

Having toured last year, playing small shows around the country and working on his EP simultaneously, Harry Thomas is a paragon of the Xtra Mile/This Feeling mindset; a hard working and determined singer-songwriter with versatility, as demonstrated by the polarities of ballad Sleeping by Myself and Castles in the Sky.

With snappy riffs and songwriting-by-numbers lyrics, Castles in the Sky screams Only Revolutions era Biffy Clyro, but again with Thomas’ signature sound pulling through. Drawing heavily on personal experience and particularly the subject of love, The Journeyman EP feels like a stylistic little insight into his life, striking just the right chord when it comes to charisma vs talent. Stirling stuff.

The Journeyman EP is released on November 24, 2016

Check him out on Facebook @HarryThomasMusic

Words By Anna Smith

Published by edentizard

Blogger/Music Journalist

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