Metalcore band Attila from Atlanta, Georgia have released a brand new album titled CHAOS. This album is their fourth album release since they formed in 2005.

The album sticks to their usual style of heavy metalcore with a mix of harsh screams and vocals both taken on by lead vocalist Chris Fronzak.

In comparison to their previous album titled About That Life, the band have taken on a less heavy tone whilst still staying within the metalcore genre. Fronzak takes the opportunity to show off his vocal range whether it is harsh or toned down slightly.

The lyrics seem a lot clearer and easier to understand in comparison to their previous album which makes their music a lot easier to enjoy.

CHAOS also interprets an urban feel with the bands use of rap on a few of their songs such as Moshpit which also gives off a slight dubstep feel without stretching out of the metalcore genre.

Overall, CHAOS is a new, adventurous album for Attila. Despite being of a similar approach to their previous albums, the group have taken a new approach by using a range of different genres and adapting it to give it a metalcore twist therefore sticking to their comfort zone whilst producing new, exciting material.

The album shows how the band have evolved and learned more about their music range in comparison to About That Life and they have used this experience to produce a more adventurous album.


Words by Emma Pullen

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