PUSSYLIQUOR to Hit the Studio Soon

PUSSYLIQUOR, an all female riot grrrl five piece that you don’t wanna mess with, have been hinting that they’ll be heading to the studio soon to lay down such tracks as ‘Lady Wank’ and ‘Pretty Good for a Girl’, and the news has finally been confirmed by Hannah Waterman, lead guitarist.

This female powerhouse of sound began performing as a college band early this year and quickly built up a local following due to their unabashed attitude when it comes to all things girl power.

The definition of raw talent, this Brighton-based band knew from the get go how to use theatrics and style to create a captivating performance, coming onstage for the first time with tampons tied to their chokers, guitars, shoelaces and everything else, letting the crowd know exactly what they’re about.

Hannah, lead guitarist and badass gives some exclusive details on their upcoming release “We’re going to be recording late December/early January and hopefully have some press releases out in the first few months of 2017.” The band have mentioned that they’ll be recording around three tracks and in a recent interview, they stated that they want to empower girls and bring them together with their music.

These girls are one to watch as they smash the patriarchy one kickass song at a time!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pxssyliqxor/?fref=ts

Words by Oshen Dee

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