[LIVE REVIEW] DIY HELLO 2017 – (10/01/17)

Things took a slightly more mellow turn in this the second installment of DIY’s Hello 2017. The previous tuesday saw riotous sets from the likes of Goat Girl and Dead Pretties in a sterling opener for the weekly residency at the Old Blue Last. This week’s event saw a far more reserved opening with Puma Blue starting proceedings with their sombre and engrossing tunes. With soothing modern jazz vibes, bouncing guitars all tied together with a saxophone the evening was off to a wonderful start.

Sadly following act Cosmo Pyke drew such a large crowd I was unable to get back into the room for his set however the smoking area critics all raved at large about his set. He’ll headline the Montague Arms in a soon for those looking to see what all the hype is about.

Girl Ray followed with a vocalist so understated she could have punched me in the face and I’d have failed to realise. Musically they were not too dissimilar to that of Los Angeles duo Best Coast and they made a fair attempt to rid the people of Shoreditch of their January blues.

Self-proclaimed ‘Dreamy Guitar-pop’ five piece Swimming Tapes headlined the night and took their slot by storm. Whilst it wasn’t the archetypal headline slot with crowd surfers etc. what they lacked in wildness and frenzy they made up for in soothing, graceful songs. Taking time to acknowledge the crowd they’d pulled the band joked that they “…had to queue for ages to get in. Not even lying, nearly didn’t even make the show”. The set drew to a close with one of the band’s more upbeat numbers sounding a little more Twin Peaks than the rest of their Turnover inspired tunes.

Whilst the lineup did at times seem a little lackadaisical and lacking in energy it did it hold it’s place within the rest of the events set to take place. The gigs that will take place over the next month are truly evocative of the musical landscape that is available to us, even for free on this occasion in 2017. It’s undeniable that DIY’s Hello 2017 truly showcases the spectrum of up and coming talent that is rising through the ranks.

Words by Jack Winstanley

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