On Thursday 19th January I was joined by the ambitious Laurie Wright. Frontman of rock band, The Lodgers. The interview was held at a pub called The Cricketers in Kingston. The venue was accompanied with what appeared to be locals swigging on pints of Stella, and prancing around to extremely loud brit pop.

The Lodgers are an emerging Rock N Roll band, based in the center of Kingston. The boys have received a great amount of media support. Including that of BBC Introducing.

In the background was the noisy discussion of two Labour supporters arguing about the governments need to reconsider equal pay. Laurie appeared to be fine by the noise level, as he continued to raise his voice “well, I was living at Jack’s house, he’s my songwriting partner and we were looking for a name and we have a song called the ‘Artful Lodger’, and I was like we can’t call ourselves the artful lodgers and then he was just like well you’re living here so why don’t you just call yourselves ‘The lodgers”. He says with a slight chuckle at the irony of his friend’s suggestion.

Still laughing at the irony of the settlement of the band’s name, Laurie continued whilst running his fingers through the tip of his hair. “Being able to tour, and have people come to see us, like say 500+ venues, that’s sort of everyone’s dream really, yeah, bigger venues in towns that we don’t know.” Says Laurie about the bands ambitions.

Are you from around her? –Lauren McCdermott: Photographer

“No, I’m from Glostirshire, but we’re a Kingston band.” Says Laurie whilst nervously readjusting his fringe. The background laughter is progressively getting louder and louder. “Probably collectively the Beatles.” Says Laurie on behalf of the bands musical influences.

I asked: Are you guys working on any new music currently?

“Yeah, yeah we’ve got our first single coming out on Friday, tomorrow, tomorrow. But yeah it’s called ‘Sound the Alarm’, that’s out tomorrow. We are recording some more in March and will hopefully have an album out at the end of the year.”

The interview was held in what felt like a conservatory which you could smoke in. The furniture was very vintage like, sofa’s everywhere. To our left sat a group of men causally enjoying a shisha. Proceeding to take a sip of his Lima and Soda flavored cider, Laurie says “Well I met Jack first, we were playing here actually; with my old band. And I got Becky whose email to support me doing spoken word. She got this fella to play with her, and bought out some Beatles tracks. I sort of thought nothing of it, other than he was well good and then we met at a party a couple weeks later and he got his guitar out and I was like, ooh play us one of your songs and he was like ooh play me one of your songs and then I was like I’ve got some recordings coming up why don’t we just join forces and make a band. So, we did that, and then met Kane when we were playing acoustic; Kane’s the drummer. And we were just playing acoustic at the old Mute and he was pissed and got up on the drums and we were like yeah (chuckles) we will have him. And then Will the bass player come a bit later, in August I think. August 2015, we’ve been going ever since.”

I asked: Who is the main songwriter of the band?

“Me and Jack, write the songs. ‘Sound the Alarm’ is Jack’s lyrics. It’s like losing faith in political figures and generally having no faith in politics now and about how politicians don’t do what they say they do and what they say they will and things like that. So, that’s the general theme of it and trying to escape and find a way I guess.”

As he lights his cigarette and inhales it, he continues to talk about who designed the album cover. “For ‘Sound the alarm’? It’s funny we were in Island last week and we were looking for an Argos for a hard drive to put all the footage on but we ended up in a Waterstones and there was this newspaper that said something about the revolution army on it. We had been thinking about art work for a while, kind of nicked it basically, we were just like that’s a good idea, so take out the revolution army and put ‘Sound the Alarm’ and then we sent it off to a graphic designer and he just put ‘The Lodgers’ underneath and that was that, so I don’t know if any copyright is going to come into it.” (Laughs)

“We are planning on doing a 24-hour busking thing when it gets a bit warmer. We haven’t chosen a charity yet but we were thinking about War Child or something. 24 hours, or maybe even try doing more than that. But we’ve done that kind of thing before separately, but never as a band. Can get some other people involved, could be good. I wouldn’t wanna be known as a political band, but we write about all things that affect us in life and politics is one of those naturally.”

“We are just concentrating on recording, we are a little bit late for the festival scene to be honest. Unless ‘Sound the Alarm’ does well on BBC Introducing and then we can hopefully try and get something through that, but I think we’ve missed the boat on that one for this year.”

I asked: Which Festival have you always dreamt of playing?

“Glastonbury, definitely.”

I asked: Do you have any hobbies outside of being musicians?

“Jack is a hypnotist, I used to play cricket for the county, that’s about it really. Kane’s a great salesman. (Laughs) Will’s a light and sounds engineer, what else does he like to do? Put up with the music, I don’t really know? (Laughs)

I asked: What’s one of your most irrational fears?

“Giving a best man speech. (Laughs). I think I’d rather be asked to do the music.”

He stutters as he struggles to think of one of his funniest guilty pleasures. “There was a band, that my mate showed me and she was just saying this is fucking terrible, isn’t this terrible. It was a band called The Struts and the lead singer was trying to go for this Freddie Mercury thing and the video was so cringe and horrible, but I found myself singing it all the way home. I can’t remember how it goes but it was in my head for a while.”

I asked: What’s your most vivid memory?

“Oh, you’ve put me on the spot there, vivid memory. Getting stung by a wasp, the only time it’s ever happened to me as well. It was in my mouth, underneath a tree. (Laughs) My brother was shaking apples from a tree and I was running underneath and he was like can you dodge the apples…

Still haunts me.” (Laughs)

Words by Laviea Thomas

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