Last week I caught up with Amol, Sami and Daisy from London’s dreamiest of dream pop bands Rain Maze – just to see what they were all about and how it started.

From what age did you want to be in band? Was it something you always dreamt of?

Amol: I started writing songs and playing them live with pals in high school and it was jolly good fun and then I realised it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; write music and have fun doing wicked sick shows.

Sami: Nope; growing up there was barely any music in my life, but that was until I reached about 11-12, so I’m not even sure if the time before that counts; does sentience come with age? Even then, I only wanted to be in a band since I was 14, which is when I picked up the drums, (the only instrument where I knew what noise each element makes. People who play anything else astound me).

Daisy: Alex James’ bio changed my life.

Why the name Rain Maze?

Amol: Story time! Ever notice how when it rains the raindrops all sit randomly on a windowpane and each raindrop represents one of our tiny little lives and if you follow a raindrop it hits other raindrops and it sticks to some and moves away from others all the while continually working its way through the eternal maze of raindrops? Yeah. That.

Are you working on any new material right now? If so what can we expect from it?

Amol: We most certainly are, you can expect us to completely and totally embrace the pop direction of dream pop we are heading towards. At the time of writing, we are actually planning a complete rehaul/rebrand so this is a real exclusive scoop you got here.

What gear are you currently using? And what’s one piece of equipment you couldn’t work without?

Amol: I’ve actually just bought a new guitar and she is a real beauty, a sea blue Reverend and oh my god I love her. I’m broke as fuck so my pedals are quite budget but they do the job so.

Daisy: I have a Vox Phantom bass that came from Paris and is also probably my one true love in life.

Sami: A hi-hat clutch can make or break a show.

How do you guys work in the studio? For example, do you record drums first, then guitar etc. or everything at once?

Daisy: It’s a pretty standard method with stuff we’ve been doing lately, Amol comes with the demo and then we record real drums based on that, then do overdubs of the bass, many guitars, synths and various other fun stuff afterwards, and then no doubt throw a ton of beautiful weird effects over the top of everything (we haven’t got to that bit yet).

Are you planning to tour anytime soon? And will you be playing any new venues around the UK?

Amol: We definitely are looking at our first UK tour this year, and will be trying to hit venues all over the gaff. Our one show outside of London in Brighton was so lovely, we love going abroad.

If you could play any city in the world, where would it be and why?

Amol: I just really wanna play a show on a nice beach to an audience of puppies and seals. Failing that, America (the city).

Daisy: An audience of dogs in Labrador (also well known Canadian city).

Sami: Ideally I’d like to try out London. I’ve never played there, and I’ve heard it’s got a little known musical history I’d be happy to explore.

And finally, what music are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations?

Amol: The new Bonobo album is flames. Listen to Night Moves too. What a band. Quickly glancing at my Spotify, add Ariel Pink and Red House Painters to that list too. Eternal.

Daisy: The new Brian Eno and Suede records are on another plane, and also lots of Wham! – balance is key.

Sami: Neil fuckin’ Sedaka, Growlers, The Moons, Guantanamo Baywatch and generally anything that makes me get loose. Recommendations would be Nino Ferrer, Jacques Dutronc, Georges Brassens. All French, all slick. Get on it.

Words by Sharna Barber

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24 yr old journo who enjoys a glass of wine and the music your dad listens to

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