Lana returns to our ears after a brief hiatus, with the messy release of new single Love. Arguably the commander in chief of alternative sadcore music, Lana’s music has always had a distinct style. She seems stuck like a stylus on vinyl to the romanticism of days-gone-by and the new single does little to suggest that love has diminished.

The noir 50s and 60s influence permeates through every second of this track. The aching strings and laden drums push the throwback feeling further down your throat than you perhaps thought possible. Many have suggested that this new single is reminiscent of her first album Born to Die, yet the distinct lack of the trip-hop style that elevated her early work to notable and interesting places is distinctly missing.

There is one change however, where Lana is coming from. The singer proclaims, “I made my first 4 albums for me, but this one is for my fans.” Although this equates to the same descriptions of vintage lovers and “c-c-crazy” people, it does feel like there is new life in the singers conviction and ‘Love’ is one of her most prominent vocal moments. The chorus does allow for some beautifully simplistic imagery, “You get all dressed up/ to go nowhere in particular/ back to work or the coffee shop/ it don’t matter because it’s good enough/ to be young and in love.”

You would struggle to deny that this doesn’t represent a large portion of the millennial generation, and has rarely been so eloquently represented in a contemporary pop song. The future holds promise of the fifth Lana album, which is set to include a slew of guest features and is meant for the fans. Whether ‘Love’ represents the new album only time will tell, fingers crossed that perhaps Lana can leave her “gangster Nancy Sinatra” bubble long enough to keep us interested.


Words by Jordan Emery


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