The UK stands proud with its catalogue of acclaimed wordsmiths, from artists like Kate Tempest to Skepta it’s undeniable we boast some of the greats. A member of this emerging wave of young and sickeningly talented musicians is Ben Coyle-Larner, or as he is more widely known, Loyle Carner. The south Londoner has garnered huge praise for his penchant for brutally honest storytelling. Take for example the track BFG released prior to the album that sees Loyle struggling to come to terms with the death of his father.

+44 is a gut punching spoken word interlude about reaching out and pining for someone but for the wrong reasons. Similar to Frank Ocean’s debut, Carner weaves together the album with various interludes and audio clips such as Swear in which he converses with his mother. The slightly risk of making the album seem disjointed pays off and in fact pulls you right into the world and mind of Carner, what we’re left with is a wonderful scrapbook like body of work.

“I’ve been sinking a lot of whiskey. Reminiscing about the shit forgotten, never worry about ones who miss me” admits Carner on The Seamstress as he opens up about his difficulties with drinking.

On Yesterday’s Gone Carner offers the listener the opportunity to be taken into his world and to see similarities in our own lives. We’ve all known heartbreak, we’ve all fallen into bad habits because of that and god knows we’ve all drunkenly called an ex however it’s Carner who crafts these difficult life events into things of beauty. The painfully honesty within the songs means you can’t help but invest in the songs and be appreciative of how stunning they are.

Words by Jack Winstanley

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