With no backdrop and a minimal light show, Ipswich five-piece Basement take to the stage for their first of three headline dates at Bush Hall. The venue itself looks more likely to host a theatre performance than host an emo band but this only adds to the sense it being a real event. As the meaty opening notes of Whole reverberate around the venue no time is wasted in getting things well and truly kicked off. Limbs flail as devoted fans stage dive whilst those in the crowd scream “Lie to me, lie to me make me see” at the top of their lungs.

The eleven song set dips in and out of their three albums. On Earl Grey, the crowd join vocalist Andrew Fisher who dons the uniform five panel and plaid shirt to sing “I looked up at your window, pretended I could see you, you don’t live there anymore.” The song switches pace at breakneck speed and limbs flail.

Fisher introduces Yoke and pleads with the audience to “go out and start a band”, he also quite sweetly dedicates Brother’s Keeper to his grandmother. Title track of their most recent album and closer of the night Promise Everything sees the most vicious pits of the night. Fisher confesses they’ve run out of songs they can play and treat the audience to a riotous cover of School by Nirvana.

As they leave the stage and the audience make their way out not a single person feels short changed. Basement do what they do better than anyone in the game and tonight was a no frills, gimmick free celebration of that.

Words by Jack Winstanley

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