Husky Loops are a trio of Italian pals living in London making some of the most out there guitar rock in the world today. A combination of so many genres gives them a totally unique sound, with unusual influences spilling out of their deranged grooves left, right and centre.

Their latest single is called Tempo, and will open their self titled 4 track EP, coming next month. It combines the intimidating basslines of Primus, with visceral, unusual guitar tones that draw heavily from the most experimental post-punk innovators. The guitar line that opens this is nothing but stunning, an R2D2 malfunction you didn’t know a guitar could make.

Frontman Danio’s voice sounds calm yet on edge, as if for the whole of the runtime he’s about to bottle up and explode, before the cataclysmic breakdown at the end.

Less than 3 minutes in runtime, it’s a convulsion of tetchy guitars and a throbbing intensity that proves this band really are one to watch this year.

(Written by Cal Cashin)

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