Welsh baroque pop beaut Meilyr Jones today unveiled his first new song since the release of last year’s harrowingly beautiful debut 2013. Heartbreak’s still a strong theme on Watchers. In a tale as old as time, the narrator’s love is taken by the stormy waters. The song describes him giving himself over to the sea, in a bid to see her one last time.

Like most of Meilyr’s output, it brings elements of classical into a song structure more commonly recognisable. An orchestra caresses his tender voice, on what might be his most sombre and solemn song to date.

Choral “oooohs” sit perfectly with imperial trumpets at first, as more strings and horns burst their way into the fold. “I am a watcher, from the cliff/I am a painter, impressionist” he cries, an ode to loneliness and tribute to heartbreak.

Meilyr Jones is nothing short of a songsmith, pulling together bits and pieces from across time. With lots of post-punk, shoegazing or garage-rocking carbon copies about (no real criticism of those genres though, there’s so much great stuff out there), it’s easy to say that EVERYBODY weaves together elements of the past. That might be try, but Mr Jones certainly has the desire to delve deeper than any of his contemporaries, and the rewards are vast because of it.

(Written by Cal Cashin)

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