Opening tracks from debut albums are usually where bands go big, from I Wanna Be Adored to Smells Like Teen Spirit, it’s an opportunity to really lay the gauntlet. Vant’s debut opens with The Answer and tackles the topic of the Afghanistan war with the grace of Vinnie Jones.

Now if I didn’t have to review this album for my uni mark, I’d have backed out at the point vocalist Matty Vant so poetically articulates the relationship between the US and UK by singing “You’re from England well, “Hello there my brother” Keep sucking my dick, while my friend fucks your mother”. Dumb Blood has a forty-minute cringe-inducing shot a jumping on the #woke bandwagon.

On Put Down Your Guns, Vant sings, “Middle-class fools, self centred rich. Brainwashed villains that poison the sick” it’s about as punk as that mate you have that adorns their uni walls with a Communist flag. Are We Free? bloats the entire album at a staggering seven minutes that never really builds to anything.

When Vant ditch the pseudo-punk flag it drawers some pretty decent results, highlight of the album ,Parking Lot, is a has-blinder of a bridge and sees them really showing their teeth with regards to guitar work. Do You Know Me? isn’t musically worlds apart from Parking Lot, but does just enough thanks to a nice solo to stand in it’s own right has a standout track.

On the whole, Dumb Blood excels musically and can at times be pretty engaging, however lyrically it’s like a car crash. Vant quite admirably seem more than happy to stand proud about what the believe in but it does feel like these sentiments could be left at the beer garden they belong in.

Words by Jack Winstanley

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