Brooklyn’s premier C86-cum-dream pop revivalists Beach Fossils have announced their first album since 2013’s Clash The Truth with a brand new single by the name of This Year.

The album ‘Somersault’ will be their first after a lengthy break, and their first for Bayonet Records, a label started by the band’s frontman Dustin Payseur.

Of the single, dream pop kingpin Payseur said “This Year” is about facing mistakes you’ve made, aiming to work on it and better yourself, but ending up making the same mistakes again. It’s kind of an endless loop. People always aim to make New Year’s resolutions, get a fresh start, but ultimately fall back into these old bad habits.”

The nostalgic tone of the jangle-pop gutars is certainly reflective of this, but the album promises a diverse range of “immersive soundscapes” contrasted with “bright guitars”, and will even feature an appearance from Rachel Goswell, the frontwoman of shoegazing goliaths Slowdive.

Somersault is out June 2nd via Bayonet Records

(Written by Cal Cashin)

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