Tomppabeats Review

An unknown artist, with well known songs. You can find his music floating around YouTube, with many big YouTubers using his music as the soundtracks and background music to their videos. Think of him as the Hans Zimmer of YouTube videos.

The Finnish producer has amassed over 45,000 Soundcloud followers and has over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, but valued the intimacy of Birthdays in Dalston, over having a bigger show. It’s rewarding to the audience to have a venue be paired so well with an artist and the intimate setting, lo-fi sound and simple lighting rig were an integral part of creating the right environment for the DJ set.

Tomppabeats took us through his musical mind map, playing laidback hip-hop beats, house and even disco. His beats work on a complex level. You can focus on the music in detail and notice all the little embellishments, irregular percussion rhythms, offbeat melodies and the various samples used in his work. If you find your mind is melting from the horrific capitalist society we live in, you can enjoy the simplicity of a drumbeat and the light piano tinkering over it. Choppy vocal samples and remixes of Frank Ocean and even Section Boyz shows that Tomppabeats knows how to pander to a London audience.

This is the definition of relaxation. Standing comfortably, pint in hand, with the smooth and mellow hip-hop soundtrack from Tomppabeats on a Saturday night.

Words by, Jordan Fann

Edited by, George Kennedy

Published by lavieathomas

20 Music Journalist Deputy Edior or TheWaveUCA, News writer for VultureHound, Letithappenmusicblog, The word is bond and Haven'tyouheard

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