Harry Styles Releases Visuals for New Single ‘Kiwi’

After all the hype from the several sneak peeks and teasers on social media, former One Direction singer Harry Styles finally dropped the highly anticipated music video for his new single ‘Kiwi’ yesterday directed by Chris Barrett and Luke Taylor.

The video is centered around a food fight in the school assembly hall between a bunch of kids, erupted by a young girl styled identically to the pop star.

Styles soon rushes in to join mid food fight with the support of an army of adorable puppies all too busy eating the scraps of thrown cakes on the floor. The video is ironically somewhat reminiscent of Styles war scenes in the recent film Dunkirk.

However, fans shared their confusion in the meaning behind the music video and its relation to the lyrics of the song with tweets:

“I’m still so confused about why the song is called kiwi. and why are they having a food fight? Why did Harry have 100 dogs with him?”

 “Whatever is the meaning of this video, Harry and those children and dogs are so freaking adorable”.

Performing ‘Kiwi’ live has been slightly problematic for the young star with fans frequently tossing kiwis on stage causing him to slip. Resulting in a ban at Asda of under 25-year-olds purchasing kiwis.

The singer is due to perform the new single where it all began on X Factor this weekend.


 Words, Melissa Kasule.

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