Gabi Garbutt drops debut single ‘Armed With Love.’

After a busy schedule supporting The Libertines and Frank Turner, Gabi Garbutt has announced that her debut single ‘Armed with Love’ will be released on December 1st  ahead of her forthcoming album. She has worked closely on it with producer Sean Read, who has previously collaborated with the likes of Birdie and Beth Orton, together creating a well-constructed, transparent sound.

The single begins steady build-up of high notes on the keys echoing in between each verse. Carried by her fragile voice she pronounces each word with spirit, emphasizing the delicacy of human strength and the importance of hope.

The repetitive nature of the track makes the introduction of the drums a lot more prominent at the point of the bridge, stimulating the idea of power thus mirroring the inspiration of the song. She has spoken openly before that the motivation behind it came from someone in her life who suffered but kept a positive stance on life. This is clearly illustrated throughout, with the overuse of words such as “love” and “hope.”

Towards the end of the song, she takes a new method of overlapping the lyrics slightly, as though to drill the message into the listener, before finishing with a breakout of noise and an abrupt silence to highlight a job well done.

You can check out her new track Here!

For more info on the emerging musician please see her Facebook


Words by,

Louise Tindall

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