Napoleon, Polar and Counterparts @ The Dome, Tufnell Park (Live Review)

As Anchorman would say, the gig was like being “in a glass case of emotion” with the constant feel-good vibes contrasting jagged sound. It was amusing to see half of the fan’s faces turn sour as they’d glue their fingers into their ears as the microphone pelted through the room during the entirety of the gig. The music vibrated not only your eardrums but your jugular too, morphing you into a human blender.  There was nowhere to run as you’d stick to the floor from the beer being tossed, so you’d just stay there in the hopes that the distortion dies down.

This wasn’t your typical hardcore gig, this felt more like a nursery watching kids play with Lego.The typical ex pop punk diehard fans scattered like noodles amongst each other, not quite knowing what they’re doing in the pit.  Smiles dropped as a middle-aged woman off her nut threw beer over people – but yet again, would it really be a gig if you didn’t get the complimentary back washed booze shower?

Napoleon set the mood with a djent tone and the soft synths provided a calming hiss.  This was soon contrasted by frontman Wes’s vocals which did bring the hardcore vibes, but as the sound guy didn’t know what he was doing, the execution of the microphone wasn’t up to its full potential.

Polar were the best band.  Some folks may say they were a diet Heart Of A Coward, but they knew their shit when it came to fitting into the metalcore label.Counterparts fuelled the electricity alongside the over distorted mic, screwing up the missing crème de la crème.It was like making spaghetti without garlic – flavorless and average, Mediocre to say the least.  Three hours of pure metalcore hardcore was being let down by the sound-tech guy making the overall experience flaccid. Maybe he should just stick to his day job!


Words by Izzy Hoppová

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