Pink Cigar release colossal rock anthem, ‘Get Up.’

Sunday 28th January, London based rockers Pink Cigar uploaded their new single Get Up, onto YouTube.

The track opens with a fetching, yet repetitive guitar pattern, followed by screamish lyrics by lead singer Sam Cottrell. The music video is shot from the inside of a taxi and includes blurry close-ups of the band singing into the camera, whilst distorted shots of their surroundings. The video includes playful angles of the band and corresponds nicely to the punky bluster of the lyrics.

Get Up, starts off with a steady and easy-to-follow instrumental, the pre-chorus is sung by vocalist and guitarist, Edd Whyte, and adds a nice mystic undertone, until the point of the chorus where you have a thrash of disruptive riffs, followed by scorched vocals.

The track shadows light to dark elements as the song weaves in different levels of volume. The inflamed vocals are a complimentary touch to the noisy and obnoxious chorus.

If you haven’t already, I suggest you go take a look at Get Up here

You can also check out their tour dates through this link:


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