Originally formed in 2012 as Tap, the band have seen a variety of line-ups over the years. Despite their flaws, Audio Tap are back and plan on being better than ever

Sitting in the practice room of guitarist Luke Christian’s house, the only original member left in the band, he begins telling me about where the idea for Audio Tap originally came from. “The band was originally called ‘Tap’ as these were the initials of the original members, he explains, “the ‘Audio’ part of the name was added later as the band progressed. Current members John Richards and Ben Andrew are new additions. As it stands, Audio Tap are currently without a singer, making it difficult for the band to really get themselves off their feet. Ben admits that in his opinion, after taking some time to think, that “there is just so much potential from the three of us, and it’s wasting our energy.”  “But we will carry on, try new things, explore our options and the right person will arrive eventually.”

The band have already released a few demo tracks to their Soundcloud page, but without a full-time singer, the originals they write have not yet seen daylight. When asked about the potential of an EP, John is the first to respond. “There are enough originals both old and new to fill a two-disc album. We’ll decide in the near future whether an EP is the best way forward. Or we’ll just throw an album out there and see what happens.” He laughs, his bandmates nodding.

As an old school rock band, the writing process is very important and contributes to having a well organised sound. “Musically, it comes naturally.” Explains Luke. Looking around the practice room filled with guitars, amps, and mixers it is obvious that the band have their fair share of musical prowess. “The more time you spend on the spine of a song, the better it will be.” “Usually, it’s Luke who sets the ball rolling,” Adds Ben. “Then, John and I will add our individual parts and it all comes together.”

Although Audio Tap seemed to have gotten themselves into a better place now, there was a time where things didn’t go so smoothly. Luke, the only original band member left sighs, recalling the various line-ups he has seen over the years. “It’s demoralising,” he pauses before continuing. “To begin with it almost felt like a waste of time. But with faith, you eventually find the right people who want to put the time, effort and dedication into it. Then you finally see the light and the end of the tunnel.” Ben and John look over at him before breaking out into a chorus of ‘awws,’ laughing and joking with their lead guitarist. As Luke is the only original member of the group left, John and Ben, who joined at the beginning of this year, explained how it felt to be a part of Audio Tap. “It’s a breath of fresh air,” admits Ben. “It’s my first proper band, and I didn’t think I’d ever find one, so all the years of practice I’ve put in has finally paid off.” John nods before stating, “Ever since I first saw Audio Tap perform live I knew I wanted to be in the band, just never had the opportunity.” He admits. “When I saw that Luke was looking for a new bassist, I was straight on the bandwagon. It was a case of; sell my gear and forget it, or use my gear and get out there again and do what I love.” The rest of the group nod and hum, and a thoughtful silence fills the room.

Starting as such a small band in a local area, it’s clear that these guys are happy with their current situation and are grateful to still be around. For any local band it’s important to understand what type of starting point to aim for. When asked, all three responded: “DEEP END.” Before bursting into laughter. After a few seconds, Luke begins to explain their reasoning. “There are plenty of places that want us all over the country. They know Audio Tap from previous line-ups and they know what calibre to expect from us.” As the end of the interview looms, the biggest question causes the boys to fall quiet and look at one another. What should we expect to see from Audio Tap in the future? “Once we have a singer on board, expect big things,” Luke states, determination clear in his voice, as with the rest of the band. You can find Audio Tap on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud to keep up with the latest news.

Words by Bekky Smart




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