Successfully expressing his feelings, The New Consistent releases his new single “3 Years”

A new release from The New Consistent demonstrates the potential of spoken word artist, Ben Ramsey.  “3 Years” succeeds in being a sweet and soulful confession of the worries and doubts that surround romantic relationships. This release comes about two months after their self-titled track, “The New Consistent”, and the tone is slightly more mature. The words sound more honest, making the track more relatable.

A dreamy lo-fi instrumental, produced by Ozzy from band Swim Deep, accompanies Ramsey’s Mike Skinner influenced spoken word flow. With each new line from Ramsey, there is a melancholy cadence in his voice which places his words perfectly over the soft guitars and unobtrusive drums.

The song successfully expresses some deep sentimental feelings without sounding over emotional or disingenuous, and this kind of passionately complacent style is refreshing to hear in new music. The usual cinematic perfection of every exchange is replaced with a more down to earth method of storytelling, leaving in all the awkward details.


Words: Gabriel Hynes


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