Ice Nine Kills – ‘The Silver Scream’

I love it when a band is insanely clever. And when I say insanely clever I mean it. Ice Nine Kills have proved in the past that they can take a medium and remake it into something else. Like in the 2015 literature themed album Every Trick In The Book which is a bloody witty name just like the new album. The Silver Scream is wickedly smart, taking iconic horror films from 1974-2005 and turning them into songs of equal horror. One could argue that these are the bands favourite horror themed songs from their early youth.

Each one a new lyrical genius from the last, it retells the stories from a new point of view. Be it the one we see in the films, an outside perspective or even the killer itself. Some of the songs have been accompanied by a music video as a part of a mini film about singer Spencer Charnas exploring his nightmares with a therapist. I won’t give any more away than that because you need to watch it for yourselves.

With varying forms of brutality, this album is nothing if not diverse and playing to the bands own talents. With truly guttural vocals and brutal breakdowns in songs such as Merry Axe-Mas, IT Is The End and Enjoy Your Slay (based on ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’, ‘IT’ and ‘The Shining’ respectively) it is easy to see why the metalcore scene have always held INK in high regard.

Alternatively to the heavy tracks on the album you’ll find songs like Love Bites and A Grave Mistake (‘American Werewolf In London’ and ‘The Crow’), which take on the softer tracks on the album which could be argued as these films aren’t horrors that are as scary as the others – in my opinion at least – because they both take on the theme of love in the background.

Truthfully, I cannot sell this album enough. It is not often you come across a gem amongst all of the music being released today. That is not to say the rest is bad, but a gem – a real fucking gem – is hard to come by. When musically it’s brilliant with not just the metalcore but a nod to their pop punk days, and lyrically it’s pure genius with its tongue in cheek puns it really should be screamed from the rooftops until everyone hears it.

Words: Courtney Solloway

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