The Veer Union – ‘Decade II: Rock & Acoustic’

I had never heard about this band before having them reach out to me via Twitter asking to hear my opinion on their newest music video Living Not Alive. I’m incredibly happy that they reached out to me because not only did I investigate their music video which was thought provoking lyrically to say the least, but I decided to go on and listen to the album it is from – Decades II: Rock & Acoustic. I have to say that the 18-track album did not disappoint. Whilst listening to them I decided to do a little research on this band that seemed to already have an established sound.

Well as it turns out the band have been around longer than I had expected and have had their fair share of trials and tribulations over the years. They released their first debut album under the name Veer in 2006. This same album was then re-released later under their current name. In 2011 the band were dropped for their record label and crowd funded an EP in 2013. I’ve watched bands come and go over the years, some of which friends and even family have been in and in most circumstances, this is enough to cause a band to call it quits but this quartet are stubborn and will not go down without a fight. And in this album, they demonstrate that they obviously still have way more to give.

I admire this band greatly for wanting to continue doing what they love. And it would appear that it is paying off as they have just finished their own headlining tour as well as having toured with Puddle Of Mudd, Saliva, Tantric and Shallowside.

The song that started this entire journey in the first place Living Not Alive caught my attention because of the lyrics – as stated previously. And whilst it translates really well in its original form it’s the acoustic version of the song that I feel really hammers the point home. Taken from an interview with Kerrang! singer Crispin Earl said “What inspired me to write the song was the connection between the over-use of social media and clinical depression. We used to live in a time where people really lived in the moment — now it seems more important to capture that moment for a post to get likes and shares, in exchange for a dose of dopamine. We are all guilty of this, myself included. Some people deal with this better than others, but the message in Living Not Alive is simple: We shouldn’t forget to take time to really live in the moment, before we become lost in a world where we are living, but not alive.” I feel as though this may actually hit home for a lot of people and it’s proof of some truly deep thinking on behalf of the band and this is a theme running throughout the album. It’s not the typical sex, drugs and rock n roll type of rock. This album is driven by pure emotion and that is something I can definitely get behind.

Decades II: Rock & Acoustic is a brilliantly done album. With not only their own songs on the album in both their style of rock and acoustic (which is an applaudable amount of work) they include covers from the likes of Linkin Park and Faith No More. The songs in Question Numb and Epic. The quartets cover of Numb is hauntingly beautiful and a tribute full of emotion to the band. Epic is full of all the fun of the original but more suited to TVU’s style.

To sum this album I would say that it is: hauntingly beautiful, thought provoking, new and refreshing. I can definitely see myself listening to this band a lot more in the future.

Words: Courtney Solloway

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