Walkney – ‘Oh No EP’

Released on the Friday just gone Walkney has released his debut EP Oh No after having appeared on American Idol and landing a spot on NOW 66 with his track Lucia Rose. As well as touring the US and Canada with help from his sponsor Spirit Airlines (Music4Miles) Walkney is ready to release these songs which he calls “Only the tip of the iceberg”.

This EP is a lot of fun from start to finish. Ironically the first track on the EP titled Unhappy actually plays like an incredibly happy dance tune. Starting a little bit slow and jazz like it builds itself up gradually and when it meets its peak its quite an easy and enjoyable listen. So whether you want to dance or just want something happy to listen to this is a good song. The title of the song though Unhappy is because of the lyrical side of the song. It’s clear to me that as he knows himself – he is no stranger to heartbreak.

The guitar in each and every one of his songs has a hint of Spanish and Latin acoustic and quite a lot of rock n roll elements too. He is joyful, soulful and yet bluesy and his voice which is quite clear with a subtle raspiness really compliments this – most noticeably in track 2: Lady. Track 3: Wah has a very early Maroon 5 and Lenny Kravitz like feel to it due to its guitar but it’s not so close that it’s unoriginal and it is quite easily my favourite track on the album. I also loved the clever title of the song as it does indeed use a Wah-Wah pedal in the song.

Track 4: Lucia Rose – which was released prior to the EP is a song that listens like it was written to a lost love. The one that got away. Starting with just a catchy piano and drum beat Walkney’s vocals almost blend into each of the notes as he is incredibly on key. The small breaks between drums and the airiness in his voice magnify this performance before reaching its peak at the bridge.

Track 5: Beast follows closely to song Wah but rather than more rock n roll elements it follows more of the jazz and latin inspiration with pop coming in and out of it quite a bit.

Overall, I feel like this really is just the beginning for this artist and Walkney certainly knows what already works for him and I’m excited to see more coming from him.

Words: Courtney Solloway

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