Brandon Clarke & Tawobi – ‘No Vapes’

The track starts with two guys having a conversation in a car – from what I can gather they’re looking for the track that begins to play. It then goes into what sounds like an old 60s/70s advertisement about alcohol before a low monotonous “yeah” (I think) begins to sing in the background before going into what I can only describe as mumble rap. The “yeah(s)” continue throughout this verse and whilst I don’t like the mumble rapping this by far makes it worse as you can’t really hear the track in the background. There seems to be a good beat laid down, but it’s drowned out by the “yeah” and I can just make out the piano chords which seem to be in minor. Every time you think that the backing vocals are going to stop they jump back in. The rapper himself whilst mumbling from time to time isn’t that bad – that is until halfway through the song. His notes start to get longer and the problem he appears to have is that it’s too low for his voice. He starts to get shaky and it’s just horrible.

If you don’t like profanity, then it’s not a track for you. The end of the song basically advertises the rest of the album and how it will be nothing but raw tracks for the next 20 minutes before the tuned down voice’s laugh turns into a cough and they tune it up for comedy. I’ll be honest, rap is really not my thing. I’m pretty impartial when it comes to some tracks. Every so often my partner will put on some 90s rap and hip hop and I go along with it or drown it out and ignore it, but more often than not I can appreciate where it comes from. This however I just don’t have anything to gel with. The good elements are just too overpowered by the bad and it’s a shame.

Words: Courtney Solloway

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