Saltysoul – ‘Dank N Drizzle’

The song starts with water running and a slow bluesy keyboard and drum beat begins to play. The same tune and chord progression rings through until halfway through the song where the drum starts, and the notes begin to change. This, however, is short lived and it soon goes back to the same chords as before. This process repeats itself again towards the end of the song and eventually, it’s left with the water running sounds seeing the track out. This isn’t the most exciting of tracks and I wouldn’t recommend listening to it if water running makes you need to pee, but from my point of view despite it being repetitive it’s quite relaxing. I’m not sure if the rest of the Lo-Fi N Low-Key EP is the same but the name certainly makes it seem so.

Words: Courtney Solloway

Published by byjordanwhite


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