Michael X – ‘Anthrax’

This one took me by surprise in the beginning. It had some mellow smooth jazz and I don’t ever get sent anything like that – much to my disappointment. However, just as soon as I began to enjoy the jazz it disappeared and changed, met by uncomfortable and somewhat disturbing sounds that make your hair stand on end. A slow beat begins over this and the rap starts. It’s slow. Real slow.
Unfortunately, the guy is flat and it’s not good at all – like the first track it’s very mumble rap. This stops pretty drastically and goes into something much more upbeat though – almost like what is used in the background of a travel vloggers video. It’s more enjoyable like the jazz but that’s cut off so quickly that I’m beginning to wonder what this track is actually doing. It goes back into rap but thankfully it’s not slow and it’s not mumbling, hooray! The backing track leaves much to be desired as it’s a little repetitive and dull – in the sense that I’ve heard it on rap tracks before.

However, the rapping is far superior to what was going on at the beginning of the track and I found myself enjoying this section. We’re halfway through the 6:12 track now and because it’s a music video there’s a small pause as something happens and much to my dismay it goes right back into the mumble rap that was there in the beginning, repeating itself once over before the good rapping comes back. This wasn’t as good as the first time around however that could be due to the fact that it had the unsettling track in the background. Almost like the ghost levels you had on Super Mario as a kid. It stops again to show a party in an undisclosed location before going back to the rap and unsettling music again but this time it meets the better rapping from the first time I heard it. It ends on that awful slow rap again and I’m left feeling a little confused over the whole experience.

This artist has potential. But the potential lies in the jazz, upbeat tracks and quicker rapping. As soon as it slows, his voice becomes deeper and the music jumps around I’m left unexcited and angry from being taken away from the good stuff. Hopefully, in the future, I’ll see more from the artist but with these notes taken on board for some much better tracks.

Words: Courtney Solloway

Published by byjordanwhite


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