Benny B – ‘Move Fast’

This track features more of an electronic, indie and dance vibe and I really like it. Again, referring to the Billy – Not Over You EP, there are elements in there that are similar but not totally the same. I enjoyed that over time the track builds and adds more elements to it. This doesn’t take away from the singing or the rest of the track in any way though and this can be hard to do in tracks like these.
There seems to be a hint of autotune used – however, I think that this was to make the track more cohesive and not to mask a bad singing voice. In fact, I think that if you took the autotune away you’d still have a really good track here. I know I said LETUDOWN was probably my favourite out of the set (although I stated thus far), this one has most definitely taken the top spot for its creativity and for standing out amongst all the SoundCloud submissions I had.

Words: Courtney Solloway

Published by byjordanwhite


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