The Prodigy @ Alexandra Palace, November 2018

You can tell that there are 10,000 people at Alexandra Palace. As the curtain drops and the song Breathe booms, the crowd erupts screaming, dancing and singing. As always with a crowd this large, you can see everyone trying to get closer to the stage. Which would have been a fruitless effort, as from where I was, I couldn’t see anything except for the insane stage lights.
The Prodigy is basically a giant rave for all people from all walks of life. And unsurprisingly, there were people completely off their face left, right and centre. Whilst I don’t take drugs due to lack of interest, I’m not used to seeing that amount of people taking them in such a closed space. However, despite my sober state, the energy in the room was so high from the music alone it wasn’t even necessary for me to have a drink. They continue to play hits of times gone by such as Omen and Firestarter, and some of their new tunes from the album No Tourists, such as Champions of London and Need Some1 as, after all, it is the No Tourists tour.
The sheer energy from the stage that transfers to the crowd is pure insanity, and it wasn’t unusual for someone to grab a stranger dancing nearby and just start dancing with them as well. The people who struck up conversations with me were people who probably wouldn’t even approach me in their day to day life because of my bright blue hair, but at shows like these the more unique and different you are, the more you are approached and celebrated.

The best moment of the night was right towards the end. The Prodigy begin to play Smack My Bitch Up, and at this point it’s pure chaos. Everyone is chanting and moving, and it’s hard to tell which way is up or down. Going into We Live Forever and ending on Out Of Space, the crowd continues to sing the chorus at the stage, still left wanting more, but to no avail.

This was a totally different scene to what I’m used to, but it was so easy to relax and do your own thing because no one else really cared. Although I can’t see myself going to loads of drum and bass shows or raves independently of this it was overall an extremely enjoyable show.

Words: Courtney Solloway

Published by byjordanwhite


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